13 Things You Should Know About Me

13 Things You Should Know About Me: Margaret Wong, home-schooled sophomore

Teens in the Newsroom ProgramSeptember 25, 2013 

Margaret Wong


1. Favorite movie: “Home Alone”

2. Favorite book: “Skulduggery Pleasant”

3. Favorite flavor of ice cream: Chocolate!

4. If my life were a movie, the title would be: “Melting Marshmallow”

5. Song stuck in my head: “Eye of the Tiger,” by Survivor

6. Dream Job: Cake decorator

7. Weirdest thing in my bag: My set of throwing knives

8. Someone you admire: Vincent Van Gogh

9. Favorite childhood memory: When I got my own room

10: Latest obsession: Going to Asian markets

11. Must-see TV show: “Once Upon a Time”

12. Most embarrassing moment: Public speaking at Presentation Day

13. Favorite class in school: Art or aikido

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