Alan Noun: No unisex facilities, please

September 23, 2013 

Starting Jan. 1, there will be a new law saying that schools must respect students’ gender identity. That means that anybody can decide for themselves whether they’re a male or female. They can decide to use the facilities and also play the sports of the opposite sex. This has caused quite a commotion among students and parents for obvious reasons.

This law can lead to many problems such as a boy deciding that one day he is a girl just to get into the girls locker room. This law will make many people uncomfortable regardless of respect for a child’s gender identity. I’m a football player and there’s a female player on the team, which is already weird enough as it is. If one day she decided that she was a male and wanted to be in the locker room with us it’d make me very uncomfortable. Respecting gender identities is one thing, but there is no need to go as far as to let someone of the opposite sex use the same facilities.



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