Timothy Brown: An even newer look at Latinos in U.S.

September 23, 2013 

Regarding “New look at Latinos in U.S.” (Sept. 17, Page A1): Only the title of this article was correct and we should really take a new look at Latinos. We should look closely into the immigration status of all Latinos, especially those who think our citizenship is just a piece of paper.

Let’s look at the crime statistics, true Latino family values, gangs, school dropouts and government support recipients. Now we again revise our history to shape the Latinos as the heroes of the Alamo and name our schools after Latino murderers and bandits. Maybe Pedro is now the first man on the moon, maybe Paco flew at Kitty Hawk. Americans are exceptional and expunging the influence of white culture and heritage will not change the truth. History is like a Slinky, the more advanced cultures spring forward and the power of its advance will pull the rest along later. Your historical stretches of the imagination cannot turn the Slinky around. The citizens of the U.S. have the right to applaud themselves for giving the world an example worthy of imitation.



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