David Pimentel: Blame the bombers, not the whole nation

September 23, 2013 

I read with great interest “Remembering a debt we all owe” (Sept. 15, Leonard Pitts column) regarding the four girls who were terrorist victims 50 years ago. Their premature deaths were truly a tragedy. However, I was disappointed by the headline. I do not like the message of collective guilt that is suggested whenever a tragedy takes place.

I can understand someone stating that all mankind is collectively guilty of putting Jesus Christ to death because every human is a sinner. But I do not understand how everyone, or at least all America, is guilty because of the actions of one person or a group. That is like saying that all Japanese and Germans are guilty because of World War II. That is like saying all handgun owners are guilty because of what happened at Columbine, Newtown, the Navy base or Fort Hood. That is like saying all college professors are guilty of what Bill Ayers did while part of Weather Underground. Or that all Muslims and Saudis are guilty of the crimes, killings and atrocities committed by the Muslim Brotherhood. Put the blame where it belongs.



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