Rick Raef: Stop the City Council secrecy

September 23, 2013 

Many thanks to The Bee for raising awareness of the continued secrecy and back room deals going on among Modesto City Council members and others regarding the location of the new courthouse. Recently in Colorado, two prominent members of the state Legislature were recalled. Constituents were intentionally excluded and continuously blocked from what should have been an open process to debate gun control. These legislators labeled their own citizens as extremists while denying their right to speak.

There is nothing radical about holding government accountable at any level, including the Modesto City Council, when they willfully exclude citizens from public debate about how taxpayer monies will be spent. It smacks of arrogance, cronyism and a government that needs to be brought to heel. The Modesto council would do well to engage in an abrupt about-face and open up the process to public participation. No more backroom deals. The recall in Colorado was not so much about gun control as it was about the people’s constitutional right to be heard.

And stop the robocalls to my house regarding the new tax proposal. My vote will be a resounding “no.” Can you hear me now?



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