DONHAM: Time for new faces at Modesto Irrigation District

September 21, 2013 

It’s time for new faces at MID

Recent actions taken by the Modesto Irrigation District Board of Directors demonstrate, at least to me, that the November election and the replacement of three of the members can’t come soon enough. A couple of weeks ago the board approved, unanimously, $250,000 to remodel the board room. Not a bad idea, except MID doesn’t have any money. What they do have is debt.

Then the board decided to reinstitute the policy regarding the board governance process and staff linkage. This is the same policy that the former general manager used to limit board members from talking to men in the field, and perhaps learning what really was going on in the district. The general manager now has to OK all such contacts. This board vote was 3-2, and all of the “yes” votes came from directors who are leaving in December. Sound a little strange to you? Sure does to me. If the board wants to be remembered well, they should focus entirely on spending cuts, debt reduction and, at some point, rate reductions.



Editor’s note: The letter writer is a retired MID employee who is running for the MID board representing Division 4.

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