ABLET: Modesto's Measure X is not the best solution

September 21, 2013 

Measure X is not the best solution

Well, here we are again.

First there were the town houses.

Then there was Tenth Street.

Now we have the courthouse. Will that be done at extra expense with the bill to the public? Hopefully, not. The Bee printed a letter letting us know that there was a lower cost solution available. Just another backroom deal we would have never known about without the press.

So now the city fathers want us to approve an increase in sales tax that is going into the general fund. They ask us to trust them. I don’t think so.

The funds from Measure X should be to meet a stated purpose, such as paying off the underfunded pension plans for safety officers. They should be for a stated period of time. And they should be for no other purpose. This measure should be similar to the fund set up for the library.

Anyone who takes time to read Measure X will quickly discover that only 10 percent of that money is for satisfying pension obligations.

Since they won’t listen to us in chambers, our voices can only be heard at the ballot box. Vote “no” on Measure X.



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