Agostini: Reading time, two minutes

September 20, 2013 

Reading time, two minutes:

• Texas A&M's Johnny Manziel celebrated one of his touchdown passes last week against Alabama via the nation's leading "ing." He was Kaepernicking.

• Did Colin Kaepernick notice? Probably not. He's happy to still have two eyebrows.

• The Seahawks' Russell Wilson did not hold Kaepernick to the TV bet. The nationally televised beatdown was enough.

• Manziel might be full of himself, but he does one thing better than anyone else: He can carve up Nick Saban's defense.

• The 76th Modesto Junior College Basketball Tournament will get a fresh jolt of energy this December. Read about it next week.

• Off to a fast start which they hope will continue tonight against Laney: MJC running backs Anthony Cota, James Sams and Marcus Hernandez.

• Remember Eli Davis, the standout outfielder for Turlock Christian, MJC and Sacramento State? He's an assistant coach at Cal State Stanislaus. Nice addition.

• If I call all the shots: Dump the designated hitter and expand the rosters two spots to 27.

• Strong heavyweights Tommy Morrison and Ken Norton passed away, and let's not talk about things happening in three's.

• All you need to know about Norton, besides his son was a great linebacker for the 49ers and the Cowboys: He broke Muhammad Ali's jaw.

• Floyd Mayweather Jr.'s stock would be higher if he had risked his unbeaten record against Manny Pacquiao.

• The Bengals' Giovani Bernard scored two touchdowns Monday night while the Raiders winced. Cincinnati got him via a draft pick for Carson Palmer.

• Curious: The NFL cares about defenseless receivers but hasn't yet found the same compassion for defensive linemen who are legally cut-blocked.

• Ask the latest victim: The 49ers' Ian Williams.

• Regarding Aldon Smith: The 49ers have dealt with troubled pass-rushers in the past. Remember Charles Haley, who soon became an ex-Niner?

• Ten years ago: Sonora's Neil Parry made his football comeback for San Jose State on a prosthetic leg. Still amazing.

• Cal freshman guard Matt Cochran (Buhach Colony) will miss at least a month (ankle surgery).

• A three-way tie for most publicity per loss in the NFL: Jets, Redskins and Cowboys.

• Alex Smith as a Chief is not much different from Alex Smith as a 49ers: A bunch of field goals, safe throws, zero turnovers and, in the end, 3-0.

• Smith arrived at Kansas City the same year as coach Andy Reid. For Smith, a good break long overdue.

• A hunch on one way the NFL attacks Chip Kelly's Oregon offense in Philadelphia: Run the ball and eat the clock.

• The chant "Let's Keep Wrestling" bounced off the walls at the CIF Championships last March in Bakersfield. Someone must have listened. Wrestling is back in the Olympics.

• The Dodgers celebrated the NL West title by jumping into the Diamondbacks' swimming pool. How would you like it if your neighbor kicked your dog, hopped your fence and jumped into your pool?

• Another thing: The Dodgers and D'backs already brawled this season. To be continued.

• Nebraska's Bo Pelini and Athletics owner Lew Wolff apparently do not understand one of the business's most sacred rules: Never trash your own fans.

• Kaepernick won't sweat the latest trend — unless the Colts' Andrew Luck does his own Kaepernicking on Sunday.

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