Denair schools chief should ‘lead by example’

September 17, 2013 

Walt Hanline, interim Denair superintendent, wastes taxpayer money trying to prove that his illegal actions are legal.

As Ceres superintendent, he insisted administrators had the right to change students’ grades, during the summer, without permission from teachers who taught the classes. A Superior Court judge’s ruling forced the district to rescind the policy and reverse the grades of Central Valley High School students. The court battle was costly. Hanline convinced the Ceres board that teachers had to take an 8.5percent cut. After he left Ceres, it was revealed that 5percent would have sufficed.

On Aug.12, Denair’s board listened to Hanline and voted to act against a judge’s ruling that the district’s August layoff was illegal. Denair’s teachers will pursue their insistence that layoffs be done legally. Hanline’s direction will result in huge legal costs at the same time he asks district employees to take an 11percent pay cut. Has anyone inquired if Hanline will be taking 11percent from his gross yearly earnings, donating them to Denair? In a Bee article he said administrators should “lead by example.” Will Hanline leave the district with his full pay, leaving behind demoralized teachers losing 1/9th of their pay?



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