Letters should be denied description

September 17, 2013 

What a breath of fresh air it has been for the past two years to read the balanced non-rants of columnist Esther Cepeda in the Opinions section of The Modesto Bee. Since she replaced a columnist of 1,000 negative adjectives, I find myself reading all Cepeda’s columns when they appear. Unlike many highly opinionated columnists, I believe that Cepeda is first of all a human being; second, an American; third a mother; and, perhaps, only fourth or fifth, a Hispanic.

Reading her columns leads me to make this proposal to Bee editors: Why not strip all Letters to the Editor of all adjectives? This would shorten most, if not all, letters, and throw a peaceful olive oil balm, instead of the highly flammable gasoline of adjectives, onto the public flames of open debate on controversial issues or political stances. Please feel free to start with this letter!



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