A different take on Obama’s legacy

September 17, 2013 

The writer of “Tired of Obama bashers” (Sept.11, Letters) asks for history to be the judge of the Obama presidency. So do I. I expect a different outcome than she.

We should be proud of the fact that this nation has evolved to the point of electing Obama. But, I expect history to judge his performance very harshly. Each president inherits chaos. What they do with that is their legacy. Obama continues to blame others and refuses to take personal responsibility. If he does, it always comes with caveats and veiled accusations.

Cronies’ pockets are lined to new levels. Benghazi is not just another consulate attack; rather it is one with an improper and lacking response from Obama. The IRS scandal is real, and beyond explanation. His decisions never match his stated vision.

Is he a liar? Is he too immature to handle the crisis, regardless of its size? Is he too stubborn? Is he narcissistic? Was his experience in Chicago misinterpreted by him when he tried it on this world scale? What of Constitution blasphemy? Most people don’t trust him.

I, too, have lived through many presidents. I believe Obama is a poor one.



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