Who makes school transgender rules?

September 17, 2013 

Regarding “Transgender rules a challenge for Modesto area schools” (Sept. 12, Local News): Thinking about the bullying that goes on these days, even to the point of causing suicides among our young teens, I feel that parent Kathy Hardy definitely is not alone in her thinking.

I’m sure these differently gendered students are in a very small minority and then there are those, perhaps a larger number, who will just be curious. You can be assured there will be pranks. Bullying will increase and perhaps even more young people will turn to suicide.

All parents should be concerned about these new rules for the sake of their children. How did these rules come about? Without the vote of the people? We already have too much government in our lives. Because of these “rules,” I’m sure there are many parents who would like to put their children in private school or even home school them if it were feasible.



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