William Jensen: Vote no on Measure X

September 17, 2013 

Syria Policy Disarray

President Barack Obama addresses the nation Sept. 10 regarding Syria.


Vote no on Measure X

The city of Modesto has a habit of paying more and getting less for nearly every project. This includes Tenth Street Place, the convention center, SCAP, Archway Commons, our municipal golf courses, the water treatment plant expansion and Village One.

Now, through a series of secret negotiations, the city of Modesto is going to overpay for five parcels in order to locate our new courthouse on their preferred downtown location. This location has the potential for environmental problems because it was the previous location of a dry cleaner and the Greyhound bus station.

Measure X will give Modesto more wiggle room to waste even more of our tax dollars paying for their mistakes. Just like the library tax, which was supposed to expire years ago, Measure X will go on forever, if passed. The people of Modesto have been hit harder financially than just about any other community in the United States. I have had to cut back and live within my means. Modesto should do the same. Please vote no on Measure X.



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