Why go to war when Syrians already hate us?

September 12, 2013 

A year ago, because of the use of chemical weapons in Syria, President Obama stated that there was a red line and if Syria crossed it there would be serious consequences. Syria has now crossed that red line by using gas on its own people and Obama wants to bomb them.

The problem is no one knows for sure who used the gas, and the majority of the American people are against a bombing strike. If the strikes occur, you can bet that the people responsible for the gassing won’t be affected by it, just more innocent people. This administration did not protect our people in Benghazi, nor could they bring anyone to justice for the deaths of four Americans there. What is happening in Syria is tragic, but dropping a few bombs is not going to stop it. If we go into this with no intent of winning, then we should stay out of it.

I do not trust this administration’s honesty and find it hard to believe anything it says. Should we go to war for people who hate us and want to kill us? I don’t think so.


Los Banos

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