Stop-sign lawsuit in Ceres is hardly a shock

September 12, 2013 

Regarding “Ceres group files stop-sign lawsuit” (Aug. 28, Local News): The lawsuit was expected. Citizens for Ceres had engaged in good-faith settlement negotiations with the city of Ceres. Citizens for Ceres proposed that the city and Citizens for Ceres contribute equally to the installation of an effective solution – driver feedback signs.

Driver feedback signs are known to slow traffic. The signs catch speeders by recording the speed they are traveling, which allows law enforcement to issue speeding tickets without being present.

The cost of the signs is far less than either party would likely spend in litigation. Yet, the council rejected the proposal without explanation and gave Citizens for Ceres the Aug. 23 deadline to file a lawsuit.

Sadly, the new stop signs are not slowing motorists and are having negative impacts anticipated by the community. The intent of the stop-sign installation was good. But the three-way stop itself has been ineffective in alleviating the speeding problem and is associated with additional safety problems.

Now that the lawsuit has been filed, let’s hope the city is open to finding creative alternatives to fix the problems, as part of the mandatory settlement meeting process.



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