Deer face multiple perils

September 10, 2013 

The Rim fire and other fires in California are again terrifying the deer and destroying their homes. They battle for survival against excessive hunting, man’s unfair weapons and methods of war against them, poaching, being hit by cars, mountain lions, etc.

This beautiful icon of the forest (Bambi) must deal with this every day. The majestic deer have only their wits to fight back with. Their numbers are severely dropping, as stated in an article last year in The Modesto Bee. It states that population of the iconic forest animal have been cut in half since 1990, according to the California Department of Fish and Wildlife. It is time to help these deer and protect them. Stop killing them in large numbers or they will not thrive.

I spoke with a biologist with the Department of Fish and Wildlife, pleading with him to help the deer. He responded by inviting me on a deer hunt. How can the deer have a fair chance with that attitude? Help them live! Where is the compassion?



Editor’s note: Jeff Jardine’s Aug. 29 column reported that 40 of the 49 fawns that were tagged last year survived the fire in the Jawbone range.

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