Tired of Obama bashers

September 10, 2013 

I am so tired of the Obama bashers who are low on facts. I was embarrassed by Bush Jr. because he said some of the dumbest things, but it is in bad taste to criticize a president in office so I held my tongue. The right wing seem to have forgotten that, or they just don’t care.

It does not matter whether he is black or white; he is very smart and he speaks eloquently. I am proud to have him as our president, so I dislike hearing him blamed for things he did not do. Benghazi was a bad thing but it was not the first time an American consulate has been attacked. How many more were killed in other attacks on Americans – including 9/11, which happened on George Bush’s watch? That is the reason we gave the NSA the power to invade our privacy in the first place. Then there is the IRS scandal, which turned out to be a non-scandal.

I have lived through a lot of presidents good and bad, and I believe that Obama is not just a good president, but a great one. Let history be the judge.



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