WorkWise BlogTip: Do shoes tip interviewers in favor of the wearer?

culp@workwise.netSeptember 1, 2013 


Do shoes tip interviewers in favor of the wearer? Allen Edmonds Shoe Corp. implies that young men may lose out on jobs or become serial interns because of them (

The company’s online survey “indicates that potential bosses are looking at shoes much more critically than young men are,” a release reports, “(with three-fourths) say(ing) shoes are more indicative of a man’s attention to detail, confidence and cultural fit.” A large number of bosses consider shoes more important than a suit.

Men and women with salary of $50,000 to more than $200,000 cite shoes as “extremely important” (80 percent), with a mere 51 percent of young men dressing for success.

Results suggest that professional young men don’t know what shoes to wear, according to a combined average of 49 percent of executives, men and women. These figures clash with men’s view of themselves, because 75 percent consider their leather appropriate in formal business situations; 77 percent, for business casual.

So if the next time you interview you notice your interviewer isn’t looking you in the eye, see if he or she is judging you by your shoes. Could the person be missing something important? Walk – shoe leather or not.

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