Dissolutions of Marriage (9/2/13)

September 1, 2013 

ADAIR, Marke and Mallory

ALONZO, Jonathon and Aimee

ARROYO, Claudia and RODRIGUEZ, Jaime

AYON, Cristina and Hugo

BARNES, Tavosh and Everett

BASYE, Jonathan and Pamela


BETTENCOURT, Tony and Cindy

BIGGERS, Maynard and CHONG, Maxine

BLEVINS, Michael and Stacey

BODEM, Julie and Philip

BOSCH, Paul and Sarah

BURKS, Demetrais and Bonita

CALDERON, Pedro and BAUTISTA, Maria De Jesus

CALLAU, Kristin and Paul

CARLISLE, Priscilla and Jean

CARRAZCO, Adrian and CORONEL, Leticia

CARRILLO, Nubia and TORRES, Gerardo

CASTILLO, Maria and PEREZ, Angel

CHENEY, Timothy and Kimberly

COELHO, Brenda and William

COLON, Jorge and ARAMBURO, Brenda

CORRO, Martin and LUBECK, Kirsten

CRENSHAW, Lisa and Paul

DANIEL, Ruth and Kamal

DAVIS, Leshia and ROGERS, David

DIANNA, Angela and Nichole

DOANE, Karla and Stephan

DOMINGUEZ, Heather and Reynaldo


ESPINOZA, Veronica and SANCHEZ, Luis

EVENSEN, Cynthia and Michael

FERNANDES, Timothy and Tracy

FIELDS, Christopher and Dominique


GARCIA, Fernando and ALVAREZ, Filomena

GARCIA, Robert and Amy

GOMEZ, Elvira and GARCIA, Francisco

GOMEZ, Isabel and GUZMAN, Oswaldo

GRIGSBY, Jennifer and CRAIG, Brian

HACKNEY, Nicholas and Ashly

HANSON, Marlin and Melissa

HARRIS, Kelly and Brian

HAVER, Ronald and KNOBEL-HAVER, Kimberly

HUDELSON-PUTNAM, Cecelia and PUTNAM, Richard

LARRETA, Bernardita and HERNANDEZ, Hector

LEE, Marlin and GEMBERLING, Lori

LLEWELLYN, Karen and Thomas

LOPEZ-MUNOZ, Cristobal and LOPEZ, Allison

MARIN, Anna and Antonio

MARLOW, Stephanie and Daniel

MARQUEZ, Renee and Jonathan

MARTIN, Jacquelyn and Bryan

MARTINEZ, Norma and RAMIREZ, Richard

MASSONE, Angelina and Johnathin

MCCAIN, My T and Matthew

MEDINA, Tita and SANCHEZ, Jose

MERCADO, Magda and Jorge

MICHEL, Julian and Christina

MILLER, Amy and Clifford

MILLER, Suzanne and BREWER, Christopher

MORENO, Jose and Lourdes

MORRIS, Kerrie and BECK, Eric

MORTON, Jacqueline and Myles

MUNOZ, Manuel and Selina

ORTIS, Michele and Rafael

ORTIZ, Lorena and ANGLES, Jose

PADILLA, Melissa and Gamaliel

PERALES, Tanya and David Jr.

PEREZ, Pamela and Thomas

PEREZ, Rachel and Elias

PETREE, Fawn and ARMOLA, Ray

PINKIS, Patricia and Gary

POND, Travis and Janet

PREVETTE, Larry and Geertruida

REYNOLDS, Dora and Kenyon

ROCHA, Maureen and Michael

SAMMONS, Vanessa and Christopher


SANTIAGO, Jeana and Jason

SEALS, William and Cheryl

SERRATO, Bruno and Michelle

SIDELL, Kody and Samantha

SILVA, Janet and Richard

SOTO, Celeste and MARTINEZ, Roberto

SPEED, Paul and Lara

SPRINGER, Gregory and Linda

TORRES, Rosa and Christopher

TYDEMAN, Michelle and Erick

VASQUEZ-GOMEZ, Olga and LUA, Samuel


VERISSIMO, Lori and Rodney

WALKER, Stephen and Nichole

WILENS, Cathy and Paul

WILKINS, Ryan and Holly

WILLIS, Chad and PETERSEN, Lauren

WOODS, Jamie and POLETE, Jerry

ZARKA, Erica and Matthew

Source: Stanislaus County Court

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