Bad decision to open Tenth Street Plaza in Modesto

August 29, 2013 

Of course, it is insane that four City Council members voted to spend $14,000 to add strip mall ambiance to the Tenth Street Plaza, by destroying safe walking areas in front of the Brenden Theatres.

They think replacing walkability with car exhaust will make us flock to businesses we have ignored. But one reason Vintage Faire Mall is so popular is because we can get out of the car-produced, throat-irritating ozone that is so harmful to lung function. We enjoy running around on our own feet to all the stores. The exercise is healthy.

The recent intelligent columns by Bruce Jones (Aug. 22) and Patricia Kopf (July 29), which express what so many of us are thinking, should be required reading for the City Council before they destroy something most of us want to keep.



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