MLL coaches' picks, capsules

August 24, 2013 

MLL head coaches were asked to rank teams on predicted finishes. We then tallied the points (six points for first, five for second and so on). Here are the results.

1. Argonaut

2. Calaveras

3. Amador

4. Summerville

5. Bret Harte

6. Linden

• Amador Buffaloes

Head coach: Bill Baker

Years/record: 5th, 18-24

Last season: 7-4

Key returners: Donald White, SR, 5-10 170 FS/HB; Shane Sweet, SR, 5-9, 175, HB/S; Chance Dominguez, SR, OLB/Rec., 6-2, 195; Bobby Creach, SR, 6-3, 220, OT/DT; Michael Bonilla, SR, 5-10, 195 FB/OLB.

Key Losses: Jacob Griffin, QB; Justin Nichols, FB, LB; Bryce Masten-Stewart, OT/DT.

Key newcomers: Dustin Littlefield, JR, 6-2, 210, TE/LB; Owen Iniguez, JR, 6-1, 265, OT/DT; Austin Vargas, SR, 5-9, 145, DB.

Rivalry game: Argonaut

Stadium (capacity): Amador High Stadium, 2,000.

• Argonaut Mustangs

Head Coach: Rick Davis

Years/Record: 14th, 97-44-1

Last season: 11-1

Key losses: Daniel Lyle, C; Ryan King, RB/FS; Colton Merriman, RB.

Key returners: Tyler Clays, SR, 6-5, 325, OT/DT; Emilio Pineda, SR, 6-0, 200, RB/CB; Caleb Patrick, SR, 5-7, 155, RB/S; Tyler Love, SR, 6-2, 180, FS/WR.

Key newcomers: Lucas Fronic, JR, 6-2, 180, RB/FS; Wyatt Walshaw, JR, 6-0, 285, OT; Steven Casillas, SR, 5-10, 225, LB.

Rivalry game: Amador.

Stadium (capacity): Dan Barnett Field (2,000)

• Bret Harte BullfrogsHead coach: Jon Byrnes

Years/record: First season

Last season: 1-9

Key losses: Luke Brewer, DE; Jesse Acedo, C/DL.

Key returners: Jared Taylor, SR, 6-1, 275, OT, DL all-league as soph; Jake Piel, SR, 5-9, 160, WR; Peter Conrado, SR, RB, 5-7, 160; Mack McManus, SR, OL/DL, 6-0, 225.

Key newcomers: Tyler Hagaman, JR, QB, 5-10, 185; Eric Diep, JR, WR/DB, 5-9, 165; Dustin Lawson, JR, TE/LB, 5-10, 180; Austin Miguel, JR, RB/LB, 5-10, 165.

Rivalry game: Calaveras.

Stadium (capacity): Dorroh Field (2,000)

• Calaveras RedskinsHead coach: Jason Weatherby

Years/record: 6th, 39-20

Last season: 8-3

Key losses: Joe Elliott, FB/LB; Zack Johnson, QB.

Key returners: Malachi Stockdale, SR, 5-9, 175, RB/SS; Danny Gilmore, SR, 5-9, 185, FB/MLB; Blake Ehlers, SR, 6-0, 185, TE/LB; Emmett Barrett, SR, 5-11, 175; C, ILB; Duncan Franklin, SR, 5-10, 190, G/DT; Mike Seawell, SR, 5-8, 155, Slot/corner.

Key newcomers: Connor Hamilton, JR, 5-10, 170, OLB/RB; John Boyes, SR, 6-0, 280, OT/DT.

Rivalry game: Bret Harte

Stadium (capacity): Frank Meyer Field (1,500)

• Linden LionsHead coach: Mark Miller

Years/record: 4th, 12-19

Last season: 3-7

Key losses: Daniel Titus, LB; Andrew Lewis, RB; Chris Shirky, WR, DE; Jacob Lovelace, OT/DT; Manny Robles, K.

Key returners: Eddie Murarik, SR, QB/LB, 5-11, 155; Colin Jacobs, SR, QB, RB. DB, 6-0, 165; Bailey Wright FB/LB 6-0, 205; Brett Holladay, TE, RB, TE, 5-10, 205; Tanner Eaton, 6-3, 265, SR. OT.

Key newcomers: Cody Hanson, SR, 6-1, 270, OL; Nicholas Esposo, SO., 5-6, 205, Line; Ian Collis, 5-8, 150, WR.

Rivalry game: Calaveras.

Stadium (capacity): Lion Stadium (3,000)

• Summerville BearsHead coach: Ben Watson

Years/record: 7th, 37-29

Last season: 8-3

Key losses: Joey Brocchini, RB/OLB; Darren Vallunga, OL/DL; Daniel Brunolli, OL/DL; Tanner Krieg, RB; Dalton Day, S, WR.

Key returners: Ross Whalen, SR, 6-0, 190, OL/DL; Daniel Kristofic, SR, 5-9, 200, OL/DL; Eric Wold, SR, 5-5, 155, LB/OL.

Key newcomers: Nate Ulveladet SO, 5-8, 175, RB/LB; Bryce Farrell, JR, 6-3, 180, QB/DB; Jake Fulkerson, SO, 5-8, 150, RB/DB.

Rivalry game: Linden (Week 10 game)

Stadium (capacity): Thorsted Field (1,100)

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