Opening Modesto's Tenth Street a truly dumb idea

August 20, 2013 

DN 10th Street

The Modesto City Council has decided to open Tenth Street Plaza to traffic and remove the barricades that block cars from driving on 10th Street between J and K streets.

DEBBIE NODA — The Modesto Bee Buy Photo

In the pantheon of dumb ideas, re-opening Tenth Street Plaza to traffic has to rank at the top. The plaza is about the only place in Modesto that pleasantly reminds one of Berkeley or Palo Alto — at least until evening when the clubbers fight and vomit in the streets. The only reason that businesses continue to fail in the plaza area is because of the exorbitant rent. Bringing in traffic without parking spaces on the street certainly will not help.

It is an insult by city government to the citizens of Modesto to spend $14,000 (and probably much more) for this harebrained idea while asking for an open-ended 1 percent sales tax increase. The next time someone asks "How dumb can our city officials be?" I think we have the answer.



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