Internet breeds impatience, worse

August 19, 2013 

A line from the Aug. 16 news story about Beardsley's Book & Bible closing glared out at me — "We can't compete with the Internet."

The truth of this line is shocking in its applicability to many businesses. How long can we sustain the middleman in the face of unfair competition? Simply taxing Internet purchases doesn't do the job.

I believe that the root of the problem is the lack of patience of the buyer. The we-want-it-now attitude is prevalent in our society, and, coupled with the impossibility of the merchant to inventory large and various items, the merchant loses.

What can be done? It's simple yet illusive. Attitudes must change. We must be willing to wait for a few more days in order to be satisfied. Impatience should be listed as one of the seven sins. I ask you, the reader, does this apply to you? If so become part of the solution, not the problem.



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