Hate-filled words for Obama are shocking

August 19, 2013 

I know I am more liberal than many in this area, but I am frequently shocked by the thinly veiled hatred in the letters to the editor about President Obama (often by apparently good Christian people).

I have followed politics since I was old enough to vote in the 1960s, sometimes protesting, sometimes campaigning for causes I believed in. I felt very strongly that Richard Nixon was smart but dishonest, I really didn't like him; I thought Ronald Reagan had Alzheimer's before he left the White House, and I felt that George Bush was not too smart and terrible for the country. As strongly as I felt, I never thought that everything they did was wrong. I didn't hate them. Disliked them, certainly would not want them for friends, but even I could see that there were times when they had good ideas.

Many of President Obama's enemies seem to feel that any idea he has is evil and a plot to ruin the country. Is it because he's black? Really?



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