Modesto City Council erred on Tenth Street

August 18, 2013 

DN 10th Street

Motorists drive on J Street as pedestrians walk inside the closed-off section 10th Street on Tuesday (8-13-13). The Modesto City Council has decided to open Tenth Street Plaza to traffic.

DEBBIE NODA — The Modesto Bee Buy Photo

I need the City Council to explain to Modesto residents how opening Tenth Street Plaza to vehicle traffic is conducive to growing a healthy progressive downtown community. We would like to see the research that would lead the council to spend $14,000 on this project, a hefty chunk of change considering the cost it might take to reverse the process if the "trial" proves unsuccessful.

As a young adult, I am passionate about the urban development that I believe can take place in Modesto. I have enjoyed closed traffic plaza shopping in cities such as Santa Monica and San Antonio, and feel if anything, Tenth Street should be expanded to create room for more community activities.

I am sincerely disappointed by this decision, and hope it will be reconsidered. Opinions of citizens voiced on the article on should be reason enough to remedy this potential mistake.



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