Teen Hall of Fame: Rebecca Yates, freshman, Georgetown University

August 14, 2013 

JBL Yates Famer

Rebecca Yates, a Central Catholic High graduate, earned a 4.5 GPA and is heading to Georgetown University in the fall.

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  • FAMILY: Parents, Michael and Chris Yates; sister,

    Theresa, 24

    HOBBIES: Painting and reading


    LAST BOOK READ FOR PLEASURE: “Wuthering Heights”

    FAVORITE TV SHOW: “Jeopardy!”

    FAVORITE MOVIE: “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel”

    FAVORITE MUSIC: Pretty much anything alternative and anything with a good beat

    BIGGEST FEAR: Spiders, of course

    WHAT I’D TELL THE PRESIDENT: Please keep the everyday citizen in mind and make higher education affordable!

    ADVICE FOR KIDS: Don’t be afraid to follow a passion and be yourself even when it’s tough.

    ADVICE FOR ADULTS: Communicate with your children, hear them out. Learn from mistakes and keep moving forward.

    WHERE I’LL BE IN 10 YEARS: I will either be teaching or working on the East Coast at an amazing museum

    Teen Hall of Fame honoree receives:

    • $500 check from E&J Gallo Winery

    • 2 movie tickets from Brenden Theatres

    • A gift card from The Yogurt Mill

    • Bowling passes from Yosemite Lanes

Rebecca Yates is a true Renaissance woman. She is a dedicated student, talented artist and benevolent volunteer. She has shown academic prowess throughout her school career.

At Central Catholic High School, Rebecca maintained a rigorous course of honors and AP courses, not only in the fields of history and literature, where her main interests lie, but also in her math and science courses to achieve an impressive 4.5 GPA. On campus, she was also involved in Art Club and is a National Honor Society member.

Yates showed the same talent as an artist that she did as a student. As a senior, Rebecca had her art chosen to decorate the 2012 Central Catholic Christmas card. This is a special honor given to one student each year.

Yates participated in the Central Catholic art program for three years. She enjoys art and says her favorite artist is Leonid Afremov, a Russian-Israeli impressionist.

In addition to her academic and artistic successes, Yates began volunteering weekly at Doctors Medical Center in 2010. She has given more than 500 hours of service, earning her the leadership role of crew leader before she had turned 16.

As crew leader, Yates was responsible for delegating jobs to other volunteers in her shift, taking calls, running the information center and training new volunteers. Yates says she enjoyed knowing that she was helping the people who came through the hospital get the information they needed.

All of her achievements earned her a spot at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., where Yates will attend school this fall. At Georgetown, she plans to major in sociology with a minor in anthropology or art history. She hopes to use this education to possibly teach.

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