Gov. Brown's rising costs hurt everyone

August 13, 2013 

When are people going to realize what Gov. Brown is going to cost them? Here is one example: The cost of a fishing license went from $3.50 to $42.49 a year. Yet there are very few fish; our Delta is in need of more water to save its habitat, and our farmers need more water to feed us. So let's send our water to the deserts of southern California. After all, not everyone get sick from imported fruits and vegetables from other counties.

We would not allow one-tenth of the chemicals used to grow food in Mexico, yet we import that tainted food for consumption. Meanwhile, our high taxes and costs make our farming more expensive. The farmer pays 10 times more than you paid for your home for each acre of land. I guess you would rather eat an expensive lab-produced hamburger rather than a grain-fed animal with marbled meat and aged beef your body can digest.



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