WorkWise BlogTip: Troubled interview process sign of times to come?

culp@workwise.netAugust 11, 2013 


A headhunter contacted healthcare data analyst Monika Wahi about her resume and went to great lengths to prepare her for a day-long interview (

“The person who was supposed to show me around missed a train,” Wahi recalls. Another person stared at an organizational chart, hoping to spot the correct data analysis opening for her.

That wasn’t the end of her troubles. “The lead data analyst marched in an hour late,” she reports, “and, before shaking my hand, accused me of secretly plotting to take the job, then fleeing in months.”

Subsequently, during her interview with the department lead, Wahi, a manager, said that she wanted to continue being a manager but noticed that the company had no women managers.

“He said I could take the position and achieve management in three years,” Wahi remarks. She knew to respond by calling the headhunter and saying that one appearance on “Saturday Night Live” was enough for her.

When she answered her cell one Friday night, the headhunter said the people were “begging” her to come on board.

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