Volunteer seeks owner of stowaway cat in Modesto

local@modbee.comAugust 6, 2013 

— Most car owners want an engine that purrs. Last Saturday, though, volunteers at a pet adoption clinic listened closely and found one that meowed.

Monica Barker heard what sounded like a cat's meow emanating from under the hood of a car parked outside the PetSmart at 3900 Sisk Road in north Modesto.

When the owner opened the hood, a male orange cat popped out of the engine compartment. The car's owner had no idea he had a stowaway or where it might have climbed aboard, volunteer Linda Sherman said. He told Humane Society officials he'd made several stops before the pet store.

No one, she said, thought to get the driver's name or phone number so they could retrace the route and possibly return the 2-year-old cat to its rightful owner.

"It's a very mellow, nice cat," she said. "It's obviously used to people."

Other than a couple of nicks, it was in very good shape, Sherman said. The cat since has been neutered and vaccinated.

Sherman still wants to contact the cat's owner or the driver of the car. She can be reached at (209) 988-8613 or (209) 537-9818.

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