Delta plan intended to help valley farms

August 6, 2013 

Some people criticize the Bay Delta Conservation Plan because it does not create more water for users. They fail to recognize that the BDCP's intent is to get users back to a reliable supply of water and at the same time restore the delta ecosystem.

For farmers in the San Joaquin Valley, that means knowing how much water they will receive to grow their crops before a seed goes in the ground. But government regulations have taken water from farmers without any proven results of benefits to fish and habitat. Family farms along the San Joaquin Valley's West Side have been there for generations and taking water away from them is pushing them to financial disaster.

Twenty-nine water districts have experienced cutbacks in their water deliveries by as much as 90 percent in recent years. Claims that these Central Valley Project water districts are behind in their payments for construction, maintenance and operation costs are false. They make payments according to the volume of water received. If critics want the districts to pay more, then they should support restoring water deliveries so users have a means to repay their commitments.


California Farm Water Coalition


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