Lots of jobs talk, but no real action

August 5, 2013 

U.S. citizens are being told our president will again give speeches on jobs and the economy. It will be the same rhetoric taxpayers have heard for five years. Job councils, economists and anyone with any knowledge have come and gone from the White House. Still, no improvement on employment! Meanwhile, higher taxes, Obamacare and more regulations continue to stifle businesses who are the main job creators.

It has become very apparent Barack's focus and energy are not on jobs! His very first focus was on Obamacare, which was a monument to himself that nobody else wanted. New jobs are now part-time jobs with 11 states having more people on welfare and unemployment than are employed. But, all is not lost! U.S. citizens have now more than ever become more dependent on our federal government. This translates into more votes for the socialist Democrats in power.



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