Better Highway 132 long overdue

August 5, 2013 

The July 30 letter "Modesto freeway construction just a ploy" didn't make sense. What could be wrong with advocating for the construction of a functioning Highway 132? I guess that it doesn't matter that the body count is rising with the lack of safety on Highway 132.

A good friend of mine, a young elementary school teacher, was killed a few years ago, along with a young child in the other car. Does the letter writer not remember that a tragic accident last November took the life of an Oakdale police officer? What about the double big rig accident a week ago? For 40 years, studies and discussions have taken place about what to do about the carnage on Highway 132. Isn't it about time for some action?

Another benefit of improving Highway 132 would be to make it easier for trucks to access the industrial areas on the West Side where there is plenty of room for growth.



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