WorkWise BlogTip: Employer should take care with online application, too

culp@workwise.netAugust 4, 2013 


Applying online has become an ordinary experience for job seekers; so you’d think it would for be employers, too. Not so for one man we’ll call Sam. No longer job hunting, he relates his story about applying online to a prestigious, private East Coast university.

Sam had been applying elsewhere and knew the drill. He had his professional references lined up, ready to be entered. He discovered after entering each reference and its accompanying information that the application instructed him to select one of two options. He had to choose the one “stating it was or was not okay to contact them,” he reports.

Laughing out loud, Sam wondered if it had ever occurred to anyone at that university that he’d provide a reference, then say not to contact the person?

What did this indicate to job seekers? Was the university as careful at hiring as applicants were at applying? Was its recruitment process well-vetted? Did HR just outsource the project and not proof it? Or did the university have a sense of humor it wanted to share with people who might come on board?

Sam, still chuckling, didn’t go to work there.

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