Garbage man like law enforcement

August 3, 2013 

After getting my daily dose of murder, crime and too often, disrespect for all branches of law enforcement, I found it quite refreshing to read "Garbage man's stop brings joy to family" (July 30, Page B-3).

The comparison between the sanitary engineer and law enforcement is quite interesting — they both pick up our trash. Just a little act of kindness by Frank Diaz might be the medical breakthrough for Greyson Kelly.

My hat's off to you, Mr. Diaz, for taking the time to make Greyson so happy. Kudos to you, Mrs. Kelly, for making it a point to honor Diaz for his kind act.

It was very nice to read an uplifting article about the good that people do to make a difference in someone's life.

As with the garbage man, law enforcement officers do acts of kindness daily that they are not rewarded for. It would be nice to hear about some of those uplifting stories also.



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