Learn truth about 'fracking'

August 2, 2013 

Perhaps you have heard claims made by our government that gas deposits trapped in shale will be what saves us from reliance on foreign oil. Sounds great, doesn't it? They are talking about fracking, the use of water and chemicals to release stored gases and oil.

"Gasland 2" is a documentary about what is happening in Pennsylvania and Texas and what could happen just about anywhere in our country. It seems there is a loophole in the EPA's power to enforce the Clean Water Act. People's homes have become worthless and the silence of the bought-out homeowners has been assured, one of the conditions of being bought out.

The San Joaquin Valley has these deposits of shale. Methane gas can escape from these wells, heating up our atmosphere, changing our climate and ruining our groundwater. HBO is running "Gasland 2." Check it out. Since Citizens United, the corporations have even more direct influence in Congress. We need clean water to drink and to raise our crops. Land without clean water is worthless.



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