Stop child sex trafficking

August 2, 2013 

This is in response to "National FBI crackdown on child sex trafficking rescues Elk Grove, Sacramento teens" (July 30):

Girls are not toys

To be played with by grown boys

To be pummeled flat

Or beaten with a baseball bat.

Girls are not to be treated like chattel,

Nor are they to be branded like cattle

Whipped and beaten,

Prodded and shoved,

Into cowerly submission

Performing sexual acts too hideous to name.

When will the terror stop?

These girls without a voice

Believe they have no choice.

Imprisoned in chains

And led on a leash,

When will these girls find release?

Constant in pressure

Aggressive in intimidation

The demon stops at nothing

To seize and maintain his profitable prize.

When will the terror stop?

We must make the terror stop.



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