U.S.-grown food safest in the world

July 30, 2013 

A great article on increasing food safety from imported foods in the July 27 Bee ("Recipe for Safety," Page A-10). However, what was alarming was the fact that there have been so many recent illness outbreaks from imported food:

• 153 cases of hepatitis A

• Four deaths last year from listeria in imported Italian cheese

• A gastrointestinal sickness that affected 321 people in 13 states


We hear little about this in the mainstream press, but anytime there is a food illness outbreak from food grown in the U.S., it hits all of the press — all of the left-wing media like MSNBC, CNN, CBS and others — and is blown so far out of proportion.

Yes, any food illness that sickens or causes a person to pass on is tragic, but the U.S. has the highest food safety standards of anywhere in the world yet the U.S. farmers still are treated as felons.

People in the U.S. do not know how good they have it when it comes to food quality, assortment, abundance and an inexpensive price compared to the rest of the world.



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