Future depends on valley farmland

July 29, 2013 

I attended the municipal advisory council meeting in Salida last week and listened to the Modesto Chamber of Commerce's vision for our county. The impression I came away with was these men seem to care nothing for our future and have no notion of what the future really is. As long as there are people living on this planet, there will be the need to feed them.

That there are few places that have the soils to grow crops in the abundance that we have makes this a special place to live. For every acre that is taken out of production, not next year or even perhaps in 50 years, but make no mistake, someone, someday will go hungry.

The chamber calls for over 6,000 acres to be taken out of production just on the west side. This is the best soil in the world and should be protected. I write because I am the concerned grandfather of eight, and it's their future that is on the line. I respectfully request the chamber reconsider many of its ideas.



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