WorkWise BlogTip: Determination works in situations that reward it

culp@workwise.netJuly 28, 2013 


Kathleen Brady, author of “Get a Job!: 10 Steps to Career Success,” maintains that people find career success in different ways (Inkwater, $13.95). If you think being determined is one of your positive characteristics, consider what happened to two of her clients.

One woman, en route to an interview, was crossing the street when a car hit her. “Determined to be on time despite the mishap,” Brady reports, “she picked herself up and proceeded to the interview.”

However, in about five minutes she embarrassed herself by sobbing uncontrollably and left without explaining what had happened.

“She called me the next day (after a visit to the hospital),” Brady says, “and told me how she ‘blew’ the interview.” The author suggested she contact the interviewer to explain her behavior. He found her determined and responsible, interviewed her a second time and ultimately hired her.

Another client called about being blocked by firemen at the building where he was going to interview, which they’d evacuated because of an elevator fire. “When I queried if he thought the employer remained in the burning building for the interview,” Brady comments, “he realized how his stress was interfering with his ability to think clearly.”

Determination works in situations that reward it.

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