AMA uses clout to milk taxpayers

July 25, 2013 

My husband and I read and discuss The Bee each morning. The article "Medical panel's estimates inflate doctors' pay" (July 21, Page A-10) irked both of us. Why wouldn't the same market forces work to determine physician fees? The answer is that the American Medical Association is the strongest union in the U.S. and has tremendous clout in Congress.

Why do certain folks criticize the trade unions so much when the AMA is driving up our costs (personal and governmental) astronomically? The auto trades have copied them and charge a fixed rate for repairs that are not determined by the actual times taken to do them. We pay a fixed rate for a repair that is reputed to take 45 minutes when in practice it may take half or less than half of that.

I'll bet teachers wish they could charge their districts by the hour for the time it takes them to correct homework so that they could say that it took them twice as long to do it. Most of us would probably like that kind of setup. But then we'd need a whole lot more clout in Congress, wouldn't we?



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