Article's source book questionable

July 25, 2013 

In her article, Kathryn Bell McKenzie refers to "Kill Anything That Moves," a book by Nick Turse about the Vietnam War. Turse claims interviews with veterans and Vietnamese "survivors."

"Classified documents" is a buzzword for special access to secret stuff. The references made were clearly made to sell books.

I served with the 101st Airborne Division in 1968-1969, nearly all of it in the A Shau Valley area, including Hamburger Hill.

We were not taught to dehumanize civilians. There was not a policy of "killing anything that moves." The truth is, we could not shoot unless fired on first, unless we were in what was called a fire-free zone, which was usually in unpopulated areas deep in the jungle. There was no "mere gook rule."

It's obvious to this wounded warrior that Turse is out to make a dollar at the cost making us vets look like animals.

If you are looking for factual stories of the war, the book "The Conflict That Was a War," written by 19 local vets, gives the real stuff. It's on Amazon and the review is on Facebook. We are a nonprofit organization.



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