Abortion is none of your business

July 24, 2013 

Our world awash in ignorance and irrationality, torn by war, terrorism, religious bigotry, etc., with millions of neglected, abused and deprived children, how manic the mind, how distorted the vision to assert abortion is "our tragedy."

Again, in their dogged insistence on sticking their self-righteous noses in other people's business, moralists try to justify their intrusive arrogance and pretensions. Lane Filler's self-serving look into the future is one of these, his "guess" regarding 2113 textbook contents so inane, spurious and hokey as to defy understanding.

For instance, if abortions are, by his own admission, "not the problem," then how can they be "our murderous tragedy"? And to argue that cutting unwanted pregnancies will cut abortions, oh, duh! Another novel restatement of the obvious.

Much more likely in 2113, the world swarming in several more billion people, no one will understand how any rational person could have opposed abortion.

Despite sanctimonious, obtuse right-to- lifers and slithering politicians, abortion is not a social issue; it is a personal issue based on a woman's right to an autonomous body and her own reproductive decisions. All else is a violation of individual privacy and conscience.



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