He who has the deepest well wins?

July 24, 2013 

We have a domestic well. There are quite a few citizens in the area who have domestic wells. A number of years ago the water table dropped precipitously and it was discovered that the Turlock Irrigation District was paying an individual who was drawing water from his deep well and pumping water at the rate of about 4,500 gallons per minute into the TID canal. A neighbor told the TID that he would bring a lawsuit unless the TID stopped this practice.

Once pumping stopped, the water table immediately started rising.

Now we find that an individual with a deep well is drawing water and pumping it into the canal, and the TID is allowing him to withdraw an equal amount of water at another location. The result of this action is that domestic wells in the area are going dry. The TID needs to adopt a policy to stop this kind of activity.

Are we going to get to the point where whoever puts in the deepest well can suck the water out from their well at the expense of everyone else? We certainly hope not.



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