Abortion: Our 21st-century atrocity

July 24, 2013 

Thank you for printing Lane Filler's column "Abortion is our 'tragedy' " (Saturday Opinions). We look back on slave owners in the 19th century and the brutality of Germany, Russia and China in the first half of the 20th century, and we may deceive ourselves into thinking that we will never sink to those levels of inhumanity.

But we have, and there is no sign of remittance. How will future generations judge us? Pleasure-seeking hedonists who had over-consumed ourselves into unsustainable debt? Mindless partakers of media who became more illiterate and uninformed as the information highway widened? Bloodthirsty haters of all people or things that are not useful or wanted?

Filler shows us only a minimal amount of introspection, which is mostly absent from our media, our government, our leaders, our heroes and ourselves.

We gauge morality on whether something is legal or not, without once considering whether it is right or just. We fail to understand that humans are something more than animals and that we have an immortal soul that calls us to something greater than mere consumption, pleasure and death. Filler is on to something.



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