Teen Hall of Fame: Alicia Rorabaugh, Johansen High School graduate

Teens in the Newsroom ProgramJuly 23, 2013 

Alicia Rorabaugh, a recent graduate of Johansen High School, is a Modesto Bee Teen Hall of Famer.

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— Alicia accomplished many things during her years at Johansen High School, and, because of her hard work ethic, is looking forward to enjoying a full and exciting life in college.

Alicia wishes to practice law and has been active in programs in and out of school that have helped her in her journey toward this goal. She participated in Mock Trial at Johansen for the past three years, and was the head prosecuting attorney for two. This past year, she was voted best prosecution attorney by her peers.

Alicia also has volunteered with Modesto's Youth Court program, logging more than 50 hours of service. In Youth Court, volunteers ages 13 to 17 serve as defense and prosecution attorneys, jury members, bailiffs and court clerks. The Youth Court process offers first-time juvenile defendants who have admitted responsibility for their offense an opportunity to have their case heard by a jury of their peers with an adult volunteer judge experienced in juvenile law presiding.

Overall, Alicia has given more than 250 hours of community service. At school, she was involved in her leadership team for two years and held positions such as secretary and chief justice. She was a National Art Honors Society member for two years. She played varsity tennis for three years and swam for three.

Although Alicia was involved in many extracurricular activities, she also was balanced and successful academically. She took many Advanced Placement courses and maintained a GPA above 4.0. She became a life member of the California Scholarship Federation because of her excellent grades, and she received many scholarships, including the Stanislaus Bar Association Scholarship and the California Golden State Honor Award.

Johansen English teacher Thomas Knight said, "My many years as a high school administrator and teacher have helped me clearly see individuals that are perfectly suited for specific endeavors. I have known Alicia for four years now, and I have seen her consistently push herself as a student, exceeding the expectations of her teachers in all areas.

"She does not share the sense of entitlement many of her peers do, but has instead always expressed her appreciation for what she has been given, and she desires to give back a good measure through the use of her gifts, both natural and learned. I have always perceived Alicia to be a keen observer of people and detail, opening up to those closest to her and giving her heartfelt best to those in need. I cannot think of a better applicant."

FAMILY: Parents, Ken and Merry Rorabaugh; brother, Kenny, 21

HOBBIES: Swimming, playing tennis

BIGGEST INFLUENCE: My parents have instilled a strong work ethic and core values.


FAVORITE TV SHOWS: "The Good Wife," "Ally McBeal"

FAVORITE MOVIE: "The Guardian"

FAVORITE MUSIC: Almost anything that is relaxing

BIGGEST FEAR: Slugs and snails and puppy dogs' tails

WHAT I'D TELL THE PRESIDENT: Help build the next generation by investing in the future. Focus on making college the next step, not an option.

ADVICE FOR KIDS: Take school seriously, but get involved in all sports and clubs. Learn to balance your life.

ADVICE FOR ADULTS: Teach your children to be independent, and allow them to be so.

WHERE I'LL BE IN 10 YEARS: I will have graduated law school and will be working in a firm. Hopefully, married and beginning to start a family.

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