WorkWise BlogTip: Friendship can help lift your spirits

culp@workwise.netJuly 22, 2013 


Friends play an important role in a person’s job search, whatever their status. Whether they’re spouses, relatives or simply friends, they stand ready to share in the joys and sorrows.

Heather Higgins, happily self-employed, nonetheless counts among her friends a large number of job hunters ( She’s there to listen. One in particular confided that she was feeling the inevitable ups and downs involved in a search.

The friend hadn’t been afraid to ask for help and, in fact, was working with a job-hunting coach who sensed rejection after a recent turndown. She told Higgins that the coach said, “When one door closes, another opens, but it creates total chaos in the hallways!”

That chaos presents what might appear to be competing openings for action. That’s an improvement over a void.

“The comment seemed to lift my friend’s spirits,” Higgins says. “I think it depersonalized some of the negative and discouraging experiences she was having.” Friendship also helped lift her spirits, because she was able to share the insight and humor with someone else.

Job hunting makes a job hunter completely accountable, which intensifies the sense of isolation. Ease the strain. Cut through the chaos.

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