Hobby Lobby can't pick and choose

July 22, 2013 

Hobby Lobby is asking the courts for a variance from providing its employees certain health measures under the Affordable Care Act.

Their approach is no different than any other religious entity wanting to hide under the First Amendment. They all use a cafeteria-style plan. Picture them in the proverbial serving line walking with tray in hand saying, "I'll take some of this and some of this, but none of that nor that."

The onus in agreeing to this exemption will open the flood gates allowing businesses owned by Jehovah's Witnesses to deny covering blood transfusions and Christian Scientists from providing any medical care for their workers.

But there is a highly impractical solution, for those seeking such selective variations:

• To hire only those persons who belong to exactly the same sect or cult as the employer.

• Although money has no conscience, they're to sell only to those of the same particular denomination as the business owner.

How ironically convenient that while Hobby Lobby is asking the courts to respect its beliefs, they are stomping the beliefs of their own help. Tenet restraints are personal and should never be barriers to optimal health care for those of differing doctrinal influences.



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