Tax all money leaving country

July 22, 2013 

After reading the July 18 column by Victor Davis Hanson, "Mexico's polemic migration rules," I felt a heavy weight lifted off me. For so long, America has been saddled with a role of racist and while there is good reason that we should be ashamed for some of the actions we have committed in the past, when it comes to the illegal immigration issue, some strong researched facts can sure go a long way.

One of the main points of the column is that Mexico was building its economy on dollars sent from migrants in America. I have felt this was going on for a while and would like to offer a nonracist solution to the immigration problem we currently face: Place a 500 percent tax or fee on every dollar sent out of this country. For every $1 sent, a $5 fee should be collected until our economy is strong enough to support our population again. There is enough money in foreign aid going out; we don't need more money bleeding our future dry.



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