Cat overpopulation in Stanislaus County is solvable

July 21, 2013 

I have been following the Merced Last Hope Cat Kingdom situation with much interest. I have no doubt that they were trying to do their best, but there are too many cats in both our communities for any shelters or rescues to deal with. Rescue is not the answer to the cat overpopulation; trap-neuter-return is.

In two years, San Jose's TNR program reduced the cat population by 80 percent. We can do it here if the public is interested in making a difference.

Stanislaus Animal Services, the Stanislaus County Humane Society and Stanislaus County Cat Network have joined forces and are serving as cornerstones for efforts to end cat euthanasia. They have put active preventive programs in place aimed at reducing the number of cats that come into our shelter. All of these organizations are leading the way for a no-kill county shelter, but we need volunteers for our TNR, spay-neuter, education and fostering programs. Call for information at (209) 550-7387 or for cat spay-neuter appointments at (209) 735-0604.



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