This valley vision is myopic

July 19, 2013 

DN Avena Bella

Debbie Noda/ The Avena Bella, 80 unit, low-income housing project, March 7, 2013 under construction on West Linwood Ave., in Turlock.

DEBBIE NODA — The Modesto Bee

The sales pitch is grand for Valley Vision Stanislaus. They call it smart growth or sustainable cities, but it is hardly smart and it is far from sustainable. The mandates driven by SB375 will kill many city budgets.

Who really benefits? So-called non-profit developers use millions of our tax dollars to build subsidized housing. These same developers make millions in tax credits.

How can anyone think building more high-density housing is good for the valley? As it is, cities in the valley are struggling. We don't have enough water, our fire and police are stretched thin and schools will be overwhelmed. Services have been trimmed, and the quality of life has spiraled downward.

Amazingly, the plan touts local control; in reality, cities are being forced to plan for unnecessary fair-share housing to meet falsely inflated population projections. In turn, the state will hold cities' transit budgets hostage until they comply. That is outrageous. If the plan is so great, why use such deceptive data and tactics?

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